Shamblott Dentistry in Minneapolis faced a major issue: their hygienist chair was empty for months. This led to lost revenue and longer patient waiting times. With a national shortage of hygienists, they needed a quick and effective solution. 

The Challenge

Traditional hiring methods like job boards weren’t working. They were expensive and didn’t bring in qualified candidates. The longer the chair stayed empty, the more revenue they lost, and patient wait times increased. This was frustrating for everyone involved. That’s when they turned to Teero.

Teero Solution: Free Permanent Placements

Teero offered a new way to solve this problem. With Free Permanent Placements, Shamblott Dentistry could fill their chair with temporary hygienists to see if they were a good fit before making them permanent. This allowed them to serve their patients immediately, reduced the risk of hiring the wrong person, and made the whole process smoother.

Office Perspective

“Teero’s Free Permanent Placements service was a game-changer for us. We were struggling to find a hygienist through traditional methods, but Esther seamlessly integrated into our team. The transition to a permanent hire was effortless, with no additional fees or complications. Teero has truly transformed our hiring process.”

Amy · Clinical Manager, Shamblott Dentistry

Hygienist Perspective

“Working with Teero and Shamblott Dentistry has been a fantastic experience. The temporary role allowed me to assess the office culture and fit, without the upfront commitment of having to pick my permanent job right away. I’m grateful for the opportunity to find the perfect fit without any hassle.”

Esther · Dental Hygienist

Why Choose Teero?

Teero is dedicated to transforming the dental staffing experience for offices struggling with the current hygienist shortage. Our Free Permanent Placements service not only streamlines hiring but also ensures a great cultural fit. Here’s why Teero is the new essential tool for hiring:

  • Flexible Solutions: Whether you need temporary or permanent staff, Teero has you covered.

  • Cultural Fit: We help you find candidates who match your office culture perfectly.

  • Seamless Transition: Easily move from temporary to permanent hires with no extra fees or hassle.

Traditional job boards no longer work. Experience the new way to hire with Teero. Contact us today to see how our solutions can help your office thrive.

Full schedule. Maximum revenue. Every single day.

Full schedule. Maximum revenue. Every single day.

Full schedule. Maximum revenue. Every single day.

Full schedule. Maximum revenue. Every single day.